New hire onboarding Procedures

The goal of this onboarding is to introduce the new hire to the various apps and services our company relies on, as well as to set usage expectations for those services. Specifically, you will set up the new hire's payroll (via Gusto), scheduling/timekeeping (via Deputy), inter-company communication (via Slack), and POS access (via Square) if appropriate.

things to have before starting onboarding

1) Make a copy of the new hire's documents

Label a manilla folder with the new hire's Last Name, First Name. Make a copy of the following documents and store the copies in the employee file or at the store as appropriate.

  • Identification — Passport or Driver's License or Government Issued ID   [Full List]
  • Employment Authorization — Passport or Social Security Card    [Full List]
  • 2 Copies - Food Handlers Certification (1 for employee file and 1 to store at the shop)

2) Complete the Basic Info form below

3) Add the new hire to Gusto

Log in at

  1. Click the Employees tab.
  2. Click Add New Employee.
  3. Enter in the new hire’s basic information - Full Name, Start Date, Manager, Work Address, Email Address, & Compensation
  4. Keep the option selected: Invite this employee to enter their own details.
  5. Click Save and Continue.
  6. On the Documents Page, click Save and Continue.
  7. If provided, deselect the option to send the new hire a welcome email and click Save and Continue.

Gusto will email the new hire asking them to finish entering their personal details and sign important documents. The new hire must finish their Gusto setup at home using the link that has been emailed to them. If they are unable to complete this setup at home, you may provide time for them to complete it using a company computer.

4) Add the new hire to deputy

Log in at:

  1. Click the People tab.
  2. Click the Add People button and subsequently click Add Single Person.
  3. Enter the new hire's info - First Name, Last Name, Email
  4. Verify the new hire's Access Level (Manager > System Administrator, Shift Lead > Supervisor, Other Staff > Employee)
  5. Add all locations to the "Works at" box.
  6. Click Save & Invite

Deputy will email the new hire with a link to create an account. Once that account is created, a new hire will be able to check the schedule, request time off, etc. If the new hire has a smartphone, they should download the app.

Explain how to request time off by "Requesting Leave". Show new hire how to use their PIN for timekeeping on the iPad.

5) add the new hire to slack

Log in at:

  1. Click the Invite New Members button
  2. Click edit / add to change the default added channels as appropriate
  3. Enter new hire's basic info
  4. Click Invite 1 Person.

5) ADD THE NEW HIRE TO Sqaure [FOH only]

Log in at:

  1. Click the Employees tab.
  2. Click Create Employee in the upper-right corner.
  3. Fill in the new hire’s name and work email (if one exists).
  4. Toggle on Enable permissions and select a Permission Group from the dropdown menu. (Manager > Administrator, Shift Lead > Leads, Other Staff > Staff)

Note: An employee invitation can’t be sent to an email address currently in use by the owner of another Square account. 

The new hire should take note of the assigned 4-digit passcode as that PIN will be the one they will use to access Square Register on the iPad.

6) present New Hire with other documents and Apron

Provide the new hire with the following:

  • Employee Handbook (For new hire to keep and reference as necessary)
  • Handbook Acknowledgement (New hire must sign/return after reading the handbook)
  • Arbitration Agreement (New hire must sign/return after reading)
  • Notice to Employee (For new hire to keep - we do not need a copy)
  • Apron (For new hire to keep - their responsibility to clean and bring to work)