how google drive should be organized

I don't know about you guys, but I have a lot of files on my Google Drive. Anything work related lives there for me, whether or not it's an actual Google document. I'm going to guess that I have more files on my Drive than most. I've just re-structured my Drive to allow for easy sharing and organization for our management team and company-wide. Here's how it works:


***management directories***

There are currently four directories (they're denoted with a triple *** as above). You, as a member of our management team, can view/edit all documents and folders within those directories. You can make sure that a file can be edited by our management team by sharing the file with

**Lead Folders**

If applicable, there will be a subfolder (denoted with a double **) created specifically for leads. All leads (for the shop in question) will be able to view/edit all documents and folders within this subfolder. (Management can edit as well.) Files should be shared with either or Examples of files to include in this folder would include inventory forms, any items that leads would be expected to print out periodically, etc.

*everyone folders*

In each directory, there will also be a folder denoted with single *. All contents in these folders can be VIEWED (but not edited) by all members of our staff. (Management can edit as well.) Please make sure all files in these folders are appropriate for all eyes. Examples of files would include weekly schedules, drink queue setup, contact sheet, etc. Files should be share to "View Only" with


My hope is that you can add the management directories to your Drive and we can operate them as one collective Drive. (Links are below.) All of the existing folders should be shared with the proper parties already. Please let me know if you or any of your staff run into any issues with accessing documents.

Directory Listing:

***All Company***




Finally, obviously these folders only contain documents that either I, myself, own or have been shared with me. I know there are many documents that I don't have access to that would benefit our team. Please help me by adding those documents to these shared folders (the most likely place for them would be somewhere in a manangement directory). Thanks for your help, everyone! Let me know if you have any questions!