G&B Coffee

Some time in 2012, while working for one of the World's great coffee roasting companies, Kyle and Charles decided it was time to step out and have their own coffee company.

They quit awesome jobs, wrote a shaky business plan, borrowed money from their family and friends, and embarked down a path to open a coffee shop.

In October of that year G&B started serving customers as a tiny pop-up alongside Jessica Koslow at her now legendary Sqirl Cafe in LA's Virgil Village neighborhood. Word got out.  It got busy. 

After seven months, G&B landed a new location downtown at the historic Grand Central Market.

With about $6000 and a week to work, the G&B crew converted an existing stall to their first permanent coffeebar. They vowed to provide the community warm, unfussy service and precisely brewed coffee and tea. 

The approach has refined over the years. Great coffees are discovered by soliciting samples from hundreds of roasters and only selecting favorites through blind tasting and evaluation. They’ve learned, written and trained on improving customer service and become singularly focused on creating the kind of coffeebar experience that befits the city they love so dearly. They’ve adopted a "bar-style" service where customers are encouraged to belly up to any open spot on the bar rather than wait in line.

G&B has won accolades like "Best New Coffeebar", "Coffeebar of the Year", "World's Five Best Coffeebars", "Best Coffeeshop in California" and "United States Barista Champion".

In 2015 G&B undertook a dramatic renovation at Grand Central Market that has improved every aspect of what they do. The service is smoother and more personalized and the space is gorgeous.

G&B is named after its founders. Kyle "G" Glanville and Charles "B" Babinski, but over the years it has become about the 20 staff and countless regulars who make up the beautiful patchwork of its community. G&B is a vibrant and inclusive place where a dedicated family of service professionals work tirelessly to give the community something special every day. We serve coffee — great coffee, in fact — but the vibrant community and friendly faces are its hallmark.



Go get em tiger

Just under a month after opening G&B at Grand Central Market, Go Get Em Tiger was born. Located on Larchmont Blvd in a neighborhood known as Windsor Square, Hancock Park or Larchmont Village, GGET is a true neighborhood spot.

Armed with the same coffees that are the hallmark of G&B, GGET is a small, bright and fast paced neighborhood cafe that not only features its highly regarded coffee service but also incorporates breakfast and lunch comprised of fresh market ingredients and celebrating food as an essential complement to great coffee.

GGET was originally conceived as a place that was not quite as experimental as its sister shop but over time it has become defined by the way coffee, food and community intersect fluidly. Here, you'll see the same faces day in and day out, eating delicious, innovative food and drinking world class coffee that is accessible and convenient.

You'll also mostly see the same faces behind bar, which perhaps speaks to the misson of this place better than anything else. GGET is a part of this wonderful little community and we love serving it.